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Beach hut at the Conflict Bay Lodge, feel the fresh breeze. Pic: Niniu Oligao/Footprint Photography

Sunrise over the Conflict Bay. Pic: Niniu Oligao/Footprint Photography

Another sunny day at the Conflict Bay. Pic: Niniu Oligao/Footprint Photography

 Sue and daughter's great-time photos at the Conflict Bay Lodge. Courtesy: Sue.

“Had a fantastic stay at Conflict Bay Lodge”

This is fantastic location for a low key, relaxing holiday, right on the beach, with really lovely people looking after you.

The lodge is in the middle of a village, a short walk from the small air strip, and is run by a local family. The food is simple but delicious, using mostly local ingredients (a lot of it grown in organic gardens) and they bring it out to you on your balcony overlooking the sea. I particularly liked the pancakes. There are lots of limes and pawpaws and home cooked fish and vegetable dishes with rice. The home made lime juice drink was just amazing.

There are a lot of coral reefs close by to go snorkeling about in, and the tropical landscape is just beautiful.

While I was there, a women selling locally made jewellery came to the balcony, so there is opportunity to buy souvenirs if you're inclined.

The electricity comes from small batteries that basically just keep the lights and phone charger working (they have an adaptor for pretty much any kind of phone). They also give you a supply of hot water in a big thermos for tea and coffee.

Shower and toilet are good quality, but are the outdoor kind, without heated water (frankly, cold water is exactly what you want though in the climate).

The family running the lodge took me down to the local market, and were quite happy to talk about the local history and culture (which is fascinating). There was also a fundraiser/soccer game on when we were there, which was a lot of fun.

I advise you to bring your mosquito repellant for night time, and snack food if you get peckish between meals (they serve you heaps of food, but it's served at particular times and there are no shops close by).

Keep in mind when you visit that the culture in the Solomons is fairly conservative. It's generally considered polite to wear longer skirts and one piece bathers.

Local people speak a number of languages but if you learn a few words and phrases in Pijin before you head over, it will probably be appreciated.

If you are looking for a full service hotel in tourist land, this is not the place for you.

If you are looking for a friendly, relaxing, inexpensive beach holiday with opportunities to explore a different culture, I very highly recommend it.

Room Tip: There are only two rooms and they are basically the same.- Naomi from Melbourne.

"We enjoyed every minute of our holiday at the lodge"- Bryce, 5th Dec. 2013.

"Thank you for the article. I really enjoyed it. Your site is always helpful"- Joanne, 2nd Dec. 2013.

Yes great pictures, but even better place. I will come back with my friends and family many times again...This sort of place is just what is required for us Aussies!- Jamie Fawcett, 18th Sept. 2012.

Canoes anchored along the Manikalaku beach, Marau Sound. Pic: Niniu Oligao.

Whale Island- one of the snorkeling spots!

Our happiness!

"I love the local foods, seafoods, fresh wind, quiteness, and the security provided at the Conflict Bay Lodge was very good"- Hexley Ona, a local humanitarian worker visited Marau Sound in August 2012.

Looking across to Marauiapa Island from Manikalaku wharf, Marau Sound. Pic: Clement Manuri 2012.

My home for two days! Conflict Bay Lodge, Marau Sound. Pic: Clement Manuri 2012.

Michelle snorkels underwater to see the colorful corals and other marine lives.