Thursday, 28 February 2013

Marau Sound Escape

By Niniu Oligao, a local Travel writer

Capturing the hearts and minds of many around the world during the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Marau Sound has many things to offer to the local tourism industry.

Marau Sound has been long known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and many lovely islands for day trippers, snorkeling, and picnics.

But if you are in Marau, a must to visit spot is the Conflict Bay and the community initiative of marine protected area– the Hatare Marine Park.

One of the growing locally owned eco lodge near the Hatare Marine park and the crystal water of the Conflict Bay is the Conflict Bay Lodge.

Conflict Bay Lodge has been established with a hope of making lives easier for the local communities and at the same time a strong partner in establishing something which the future generations of Hatare will enjoy the natural resources as the communities do.

Its accommodation is a blend of local architectural design in harmony with its surrounding. Currently, it provides six single beds in two rooms which are basic.

“We consider our guests privacy, but we want to make a bit of Marau experience for our guests to share rooms and enjoying others company, and sharing stories as we do”, said Mr. Elijah Maumamura the owner of the Conflict Bay Lodge.

He said the practice of sharing rooms maybe new and strange to some of his guests. But the Conflict Bay Lodge is considering the gender case– males can be in one room and females in the other. Unless couples who are requesting the room allocations for them.

“Our formula in capacity management is like this. If we have opposite sexes who cannot be accommodated in the rooms, then we are very happy to share our guests with the home stays nearby. But we ensure the good experience of our visitors are not spoilt”, said Elijah.

To those who have your week tiring and want to relax at somewhere different from home for few days, the Conflict Bay Lodge is a right place for you. You can snorkel for hours seeing the colorful living corals, taking a breath along the beautiful beaches, and meeting the same people who have cheered the royal couple; Prince William and Kate in the midst of the topless photos scandal.

As your day comes to an end, the panorama of the setting sun on the inhabited islands can make you to reflect of the beauty we often overlooked in the cities.

The inner peace one can find among the beautiful people of Marau and their gracious place will make the visitors to return.