Philosophy for happiness

Conflict Bay Lodge is a small registered ecolodge which strives to rate its performance in accordance with th principles of sustainable tourism. The owner and his employees are locals from the Hatare community- host community of the Conflict Bay Lodge.
 As a new tourism operator, Conflict bay Lodge's belief in engaging its local communities, high economic benefits, and care for the natural environment both on land and sea; is in the heart of its operation.

Our Social Commitment:

  • We embrace the right and safety of our guests to enjoy the truly Marau Sound experience.

  • Our mission is to make you (guests) to be happy while you are with us. Thus, it is our happiness to have you enjoying your time with us.
  • We anticipate to give our guests the enjoyable Marau Sound hospitality, as we care for the well being of those we seek to host.
  • Be part of the family at the Conflict Bay Lodge- our guests, staff, and Hatare communities. Our guest can be part of social activities while in Marau Sound.
  • Organic foods and seafoods for the lodge can be purchased from local farmers and fishermen. This can give maximum benefits to the local communities.
  • We welcome the support of our guests in our effort to support the local children who have finanacial difficulties to attend formal education through an education foundation.

Our Environmental Commitment:
  • The guests are encouraged to practice "leave only footprints" in the Hatare Marine Park and virgin tropical forests.
  • Emphasis on waster management (recycle, reuse, and refuse undegradeable & unrecycled items), with the rubbish bins in the area of operation.
  • Conflict Bay Lodge is a key stakeholder of the newly launched "Hatare Marine Park" which conservation is a key purpose for its existence. Encourage guests to invest in community wellbeing, especially towards the conservation efforts of the host communities.
  • Solar energy is used to supply lightings and electronic appliances in the lodge. Small generator only used during rainy days and for special events needing more energy.