Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Conflict Bay Lodge now on Face Book

The rise of various social media in the developing countries has taken a huge change in the way people communicate. Various social media websites have been used daily- one of them is Face Book.
The Conflict Bay Lodge is no exception. It created a new Face Book page with the name of the lodge; Conflict Bay Lodge.
"It's our happiness to be part of the global society connected by Face Book. We want to chat and discuss with our found friends- those who spent their happy times with us at Conflict Bay Lodge, Marau Sound", said Mr. Niniu Oligao, the Conflict Bay Lodge Marketing Manager.

He said that Face Book page welcomes those who once there and would like to share their memorable moments with others.

It is the Conflict Bay Lodge's way of say thank you to those who had confidence in the the lodge and spent their times in Marau Sound. It is also our gateway to explore more about each other, as we share through stories, chats, and photographs.
You can submit your Face Book request now to the administrator of the Conflict Bay Lodge Face Book group.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Eco-tourism ventures could change lives in Solomon Islands

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- There is growing enthusiasm for local investment in eco-tourism ventures on Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands.

Guadalcanal Eco-Tourism Development Services says since last year, 40 new local operators have begun work on eco-tourism activities such as building eco-lodges and bush tracking.

The managing and training director of Guadalcanal Eco-Tourism Development Services, Eddison Saeni, says there are many attractions Guadalcanal has to offer, that can’t be found elsewhere in the Pacific.

“When it comes to Guadalcanal, I see a lot of natural attractions which are so unique that need to be promoted, surfing, diving, where thousands of ships and marine [craft], they [sank] during World War II, and also inland, a lot of war wreckage, waterfall and flora and fauna.”

Saeni says locals are encouraged to raise between US$1,000 and US$5,000 in order to start up their own eco-business, and they are excited to get involved.

He says it’s is a big opportunity for Guadalcanal in terms of economic development.

The owner of an eco-lodge - Conflict Bay Lodge in Marau Sounds - Elijah Maumamura, says the tourist benefits from his lodge get passed on to the rest of the community.

“We work like an eco-system here. Other villages provide entertainment, cultural groups, and some of them provided me vegetables, fish, seafood, so everybody, they get benefits. Some guys owns waterfall, guests get there, they should get a few money for the visit to the sites. That’s how people here get benefit from the tourist business, as well.”

Maumamura says it was a difficult first year beginning the business because he had no tourism or hospitality training, and it would be beneficial for the government to train people at grass-roots level.

He opened Conflict Bay Lodge two years ago, on his family’s customary land, built with local material, and the money he makes he uses to operate the business, and pay for his extended family’s school fees.

Maumamura says people in rural areas already have a head-start in eco-tourism because the scenery is so good.

“The natural beauty of the place is there already. The only thing to do is to build houses, build beds, toilets, water and other facilities that people can come and enjoy.”

The president of the Guadalcanal Provincial Council of Women, Mary Bollen, says groups and tribes work well together as a result of eco-tourism and it avoids jealousy, as well as stems the urban drift.

“Establishing eco all around Guadalcanal would bring peace, prosperity and change the peoples lifestyle of living, also create jobs for school-leavers, tertiary education students - that’s what I’ve seen.”

She says one village had been just about to sign a mining agreement, until they learnt they could make money through eco-tourism instead.

“It helps to see that mining is not really a good thing, it destroys their environment and wildlife and rivers. So they were so grateful. Now they are so excited, and they continue to clean up their village and environment and want to do a homestay.”

Bollen says she believes eco-tourism has the power to change the lives of the people of Guadalcanal.
Source: RNZI

Thursday, 5 September 2013

More happy things to do on weekends

The Conflict Bay Lodge is not only about your unique Marau home from home. Right to say that it is a hub for outdoor activities of snorkeling, swimming, trekking, and island tours to the beautiful unihabited sand islands which create a name for Marau Sound; a tourism destination choice for you.

You can book one of the three island tour packages;

 Kosa happy tour (NZ $115)

 Kosa & Whale island tour (NZ $124)

Three island package (NZ $140)

Don't forget to check our services and products section of this webpage. We love to make you happy to give us something to cherish in the coming weekends.


Thursday, 27 June 2013

New slogan for the Conflict Bay Lodge

After two years of observation and awareness of the Conflict Bay Lodge in the targeted markets, the marketing team of the Conflict Bay Lodge has found one thing common to all our visitors and friends- happiness.
The Lodge's marketing team has come up with a slogan that fits well with our finding. And "Your happiness, our happiness" has been chosen.
According to the statement from the marketing team. Life is a journey. And in life people travel to fulfill what they are longing for. And among the most important things, happiness is one thing humans need in life.
The Conflict Bay Lodge happiness image is one thing at all times we embrace, not only for you (guests) but also ourselves to make fond memories of the friends who have visited us and join our Conflict Bay Lodge family.
With the happiness in mind, the Conflict Bay Lodge’s uncompromising philosophy of living in harmony with the natural environment and the local people who have pride in their culture, have enabled the local owners to achieve the reality of their vision.
Happiness at the Conflict Bay Lodge can be found on the smiles and friendliness of our staff and guests alike when they share and learn from each other of the cultures when they meet in a beautiful place in Marau Sound, East Guadalcanal.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Marau Sound Escape

By Niniu Oligao, a local Travel writer

Capturing the hearts and minds of many around the world during the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Marau Sound has many things to offer to the local tourism industry.

Marau Sound has been long known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and many lovely islands for day trippers, snorkeling, and picnics.

But if you are in Marau, a must to visit spot is the Conflict Bay and the community initiative of marine protected area– the Hatare Marine Park.

One of the growing locally owned eco lodge near the Hatare Marine park and the crystal water of the Conflict Bay is the Conflict Bay Lodge.

Conflict Bay Lodge has been established with a hope of making lives easier for the local communities and at the same time a strong partner in establishing something which the future generations of Hatare will enjoy the natural resources as the communities do.

Its accommodation is a blend of local architectural design in harmony with its surrounding. Currently, it provides six single beds in two rooms which are basic.

“We consider our guests privacy, but we want to make a bit of Marau experience for our guests to share rooms and enjoying others company, and sharing stories as we do”, said Mr. Elijah Maumamura the owner of the Conflict Bay Lodge.

He said the practice of sharing rooms maybe new and strange to some of his guests. But the Conflict Bay Lodge is considering the gender case– males can be in one room and females in the other. Unless couples who are requesting the room allocations for them.

“Our formula in capacity management is like this. If we have opposite sexes who cannot be accommodated in the rooms, then we are very happy to share our guests with the home stays nearby. But we ensure the good experience of our visitors are not spoilt”, said Elijah.

To those who have your week tiring and want to relax at somewhere different from home for few days, the Conflict Bay Lodge is a right place for you. You can snorkel for hours seeing the colorful living corals, taking a breath along the beautiful beaches, and meeting the same people who have cheered the royal couple; Prince William and Kate in the midst of the topless photos scandal.

As your day comes to an end, the panorama of the setting sun on the inhabited islands can make you to reflect of the beauty we often overlooked in the cities.

The inner peace one can find among the beautiful people of Marau and their gracious place will make the visitors to return.