Thursday, 27 June 2013

New slogan for the Conflict Bay Lodge

After two years of observation and awareness of the Conflict Bay Lodge in the targeted markets, the marketing team of the Conflict Bay Lodge has found one thing common to all our visitors and friends- happiness.
The Lodge's marketing team has come up with a slogan that fits well with our finding. And "Your happiness, our happiness" has been chosen.
According to the statement from the marketing team. Life is a journey. And in life people travel to fulfill what they are longing for. And among the most important things, happiness is one thing humans need in life.
The Conflict Bay Lodge happiness image is one thing at all times we embrace, not only for you (guests) but also ourselves to make fond memories of the friends who have visited us and join our Conflict Bay Lodge family.
With the happiness in mind, the Conflict Bay Lodge’s uncompromising philosophy of living in harmony with the natural environment and the local people who have pride in their culture, have enabled the local owners to achieve the reality of their vision.
Happiness at the Conflict Bay Lodge can be found on the smiles and friendliness of our staff and guests alike when they share and learn from each other of the cultures when they meet in a beautiful place in Marau Sound, East Guadalcanal.