Tuesday, 19 September 2017

It's a fine session for outdoor activities in Marau Sound

Marau Sound in general, is experiencing fine weather session in this part of 2017. Most of the days for past two months are sunshine.

And for the holiday makers who love outdoor activities, this is the perfect time of the year for you to stay with us at the Conflict Bay Lodge and do the outdoor activities like snorkeling, kayaking, bicycle riding, and visiting the local villages to meet our people.

To come to Conflict Bay Lodge, the Solomon Airlines twin otter flies to Marau airport on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. So booking can be done directly with the Solomon Airlines.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bicycle riding, our new tour package

The Conflict Bay Lodge now extends its day tours from the island visit packages to bicycle riding package for five hours down the South coast of East Guadalcanal.

This package can take our riders pass the rural villages of Hatare area, Waimaea, and Kopiu. This tour can enable our guests to meet villagers going about their normal lives and children are shyly looking at the many bicycles, which they never saw before.

On the road, our experience tour guide will show his riders some of the breathtaking and some of the beautiful beaches on Guadalcanal, the rock formations, and plants which are important to the locals for house building, traditional medicines, and so fort. There are some historical sites and they have legends which worth hearing.

The half day bicycle riding package includes;
1. Three hours riding
2. Packed lunch
3. And cultural experience at Peso community.

To book, Email: conflictbay@gmail.com.
Two riders crossing a stream behind two village women return from a local market. Pic: Niniu Oligao/Footprint Photography
Bicycle riders relaxing along a seawall at Kopiu Bay.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Kayaking tours are among the newest products we offer

Over the course of your kayaking trips, you will visit the Hatare Marine Park which has one of the colorful coral reefs in Marau Sound, viewing Marau Sound's iconic locations, as well as less well known beautiful sites with the guidance of our local knowledgeable and experience guides.

But remember, our places are photogenic. So bring your underwater camera and photographing many places and underwater beauty as you can do to remind you of such a slice of paradise here.

One of our local tour guides along the Conflict Bay beach with the kayaks. 

Two kayaks at the Conflict Bay Lodge beachfront, Marau Sound.

Morning kayaking in the Conflict Bay.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Our coral reefs are among the most valuable resources we have.

By Niniu Oligao, who was in Bali, Indonesia for the Coral Triangle Sustainable Marine Tourism Conference.

The 4th Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food security Regional Business Forum has brought together representatives of the six governments- Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste, private sector, non-government organizations, and scholars to Bali, Indonesia from August 27 to August 29, 2015.

"Since the launch of the Coral Triangle Initiative in 2009, Indonesia has worked together with our partner countries to lead efforts in sustaining the Coral Triangle and we are very proud to host this Forum and welcome our fellow leaders and visionaries from the Coral Triangle region and the rest of the world to promote sustainable marine tourism agenda," said Safri Baharudin, Deputy of Human Resources, Science and Maritime Culture of Indonesia Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs.

“This forum is aligned to vision of the government to strengthen Indonesia as a maritime nation,” he added.

This year’s meeting theme is “Charting the Future of the Coral Triangle as a Global Sustainable Tourism Destination”.

Outgoing Minister for Culture and Tourism for Solomon Islands, Honourable Bartholomew Parapolo deliverying his key note speech.

In his keynote address, Executive Director of CTI- CFF Regional Secretariat, Dr Widi Pratikto said that the forum’s theme reflects the central aspiration of the event, to address and find solutions to the challenges threatening our ocean, especially in the Coral Triangle region.

“It requires commitments and contributions from everyone”, he added.

The 4th CTI- CFF Regional Business Forum aimed to provide a platform for the discovery of innovative and collaborative solutions to promote best practices for responsible tourism, private sector leadership in sustainable and responsible tourism, as well as showcase the Coral Triangle as a distinctive brand, a regional sustainable marine tourism destination that benefits local communities.

We are fortunate to live in a region which is so rich in marine ecosystems. Our rich coral ecosystems set the bench mark to the future of our marine tourism. Thousands or even millions have visited our nations because of the pristine marine ecosystems, including the coral reefs.

“It is our hope that these events will result in solid recommendations that will allow more stakeholders to be more committed in practicing sustainable marine tourism in their respected countries, for the long run”, according to Dr. Widi.

The forum included some events: the Coral Triangle Sustainable Marine Tourism Conference, the Coral Triangle Marine Tourism Expo, and the Coral Triangle Marine Tourism Investment Forum and Business to Business meeting.

Conference participants in a group picture on the last day.

Solomon Islands delegation, led by Honourable Bartholomew Parapolo, caretaker Minister of Culture and Tourism, consisted of the Department of Tourism official, Solomon Islands Tourism for Inclusive Development Coordinator, Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau Marketing and marketing officer, a local tourist operator (Oravae Cottages) attended the forum and the expo.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Where you can spend your coming winter escape

Islands we travel to for day tours and snorkelling.
Chilled favourite Solbrew after your day.
Our bed.
Our new dining area.
Ezekiel Apoia, our chef who is always happy to receive you.
Marion Maumamura in the lodge's kitchen.
Elijah Maumamura can be your tour guide to the beautiful islands.
Conflict Bay afternoon.


Where you can spend your coming winter escape

Our bed.
Our new dining area.
Ezekiel Apoia, our chef who is always happy to receive you.
Marion Maumamura in the lodge's kitchen.
Elijah Maumamura can be your tour guide to the beautiful islands.
Conflict Bay afternoon.