Sunday, 6 May 2012

Conflict Bay Lodge makes its presence in the local media

A new tourist operator has been established in Marau Sound. It got its name- Conflict Bay Lodge from a bay which is it situated at and close to the Marau airport, the Conflict Bay.
According to its owner Mr. Elisha Mamumarua the lodge can accommodate six guests at a time in his two rooms.
“Conflict Bay Lodge is not only offers accommodation to visitors. But outdoor activities like snorkeling, island tours, village visits, dug out paddling, and learning our traditional skills in food preparation, weaving, listening to traditional stories, Marau legends, and gardening are things our guests should not miss”, he said.
Its operation will not only bringing outside visitors and weekenders to Marau Sound. Rather, it is a source of incomes to local suppliers of foods, handicrafts, and form of employment.
Locally owned tour operator, Conflict Bay Lodge is a key stakeholder in the conservation of the Hatare Marine Park which has been launched in January 2012. Its belief in conservation of natural environment both on land and sea is a reason for its existence, as highlighted by Elisha.
Mr. Elisha said his lodge is anticipating in making its visitors satisfy with the experience in Marau Sound. And at the same time, their activities have minimal impact on the communities and the natural environment.
He said even though he now a tourist operator but he shares the same environment with rest of the Marau communities.
At the moment its strategy in the market is to make awareness of its presence and at same time trying to make sales.
To enjoy the Marau experience, Elisha encouraged both international visitors and residents in the Solomon Islands to stay in Conflict Bay Lodge.
For bookings, email Or mobile 7402429
Solomon Airlines flights to Marau airport are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.