Thursday, 27 September 2012

Conflict Bay Lodge featured in a new Tourism Magazine

The Conflict Bay Lodge is a pioneer to be featured in a newly published tourism magazine in the Solomon Islands. It is called "Foot Print Travels and Destinations". The magazine has been published electronically in the tourist markets on September 27, 2012, which was also the International Tourism Day.

But the Foot Print Travels and Destinations e-magazine will be published monthly. Thus, it can update the interested readers and those who will plan their trips to the Solomon Islands with variety of choices for their Solomon Islands experience.

According to the founder of the e-magazine, Mr. Niniu Oligao, the Solomon Islands have many things to offer in terms of tourism. But rarely have been marketed outside of the country.

Having passion and tourism/ hospitality marketing background from the University of the South Pacific (USP), Niniu said it is the right time to assist the small and medium tourist operators in the digital marketing era.

"Solomon Islands as a tourist destination needs to fully utilize the potentials and opportunities the changing communication technology is offering. We have to adapt to these changes in order to survive in the very competitive markets", he said.

He further commented that small operators like the Conflict Bay Lodge can be as equal as the five star resorts in their presence in the world of internet and social media. But one thing his e- magazine will consider is to ensure the products and services promised to the potential guests will in consistent with the actual guests consumptions.

The Foot Print Travels and Destinations magazine is a new comer in the digital markets; its priority now is to get the fellow tourist operators and potential visitors to the Solomon Islands to have confidence on it and start to market with it.

"I am learning the hard lesson of taking risk to assist those they need such help. However, the time is right for us to nurture and grow the tourism marketing in the Solomon Islands", said Niniu.

Capturing every foot print in the Solomon Islands: Founder of the Foot Print Travels and Destinations e- magazine. Photo: Greg Dime.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Another memorable moment in Marau for the Royal Couple

As the Solomon Islands as a nation is getting the attention of the world media, Marau Sound people have given another exciting and rememberable moment to the young royal couple, the Duke and Duches of Cambridge yesterday.

Catherine Middleton whose scandal topless photos have been going around in Europe, she seemed to laugh to see bare-breasted tribes women greeted them at the Marau airport in a traditional welcome ceremony along side white painted traditional warriors.

Two young women garlanding the royal couple at Marau Airport. Pic: Tim Rooke/Rex USA

Trying a trip of a life time in a traditional war canoe was something the young royal couple will never forget. The beautiful smiles on Prince William and Kate's faces as the paddlers graciously moving the canoe in the crystal Marau sea from Marapa Island to Tavanipupu Resort gave a second honeymoon feeling to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Experience of a lifetime for Prince William and Kate Middleton in a traditional war canoe in Marau. Pic: Tim Rooke/Rex USA.

The royal couple seemed calm and enjoyed what no royal couple in the world had experienced before.

They landed on the exotic Tavanipupu island resort with smiles of joy.

This special treatment and hospitality symbolises the respect and honour the people of Marau in East Guadalcanal have for them.

People of Marau want to show the world how appreciative the rural people of Guadalcanal were for the arrival of the royal couple.

It is a slice of the natural hospitality the Solomon Islands people can give whenever a visitor arrives at their shores.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Express (UK)- THE Duchess of Cambridge had a last-minute change of wardrobe for a state banquet last night when her Solomon Islands hosts left her a stunning strapless dress on her bed.

Just half an hour before she was due to attend a state dinner she walked into her hotel room and discovered the bright pink and orange batik designed dress.

She had planned to wear a gown brought from London, but a royal aide said: “She tried it on, she loved it and she is wearing it.”

The dress came from a shop called Island Print and was in sharp contrast to her arrival outfit – an £840 turquoise, green and beige geometric patterned dress by Jonathan Saunders and a bespoke grey cocktail hat by Jane Taylor.

William already knew he was getting a gift of a colourful blue shirt because officials on the islands had checked his size in advance.

He asked Governor-General Sir Frank Kabui, the Queen’s representative on the islands before the banquet in the capital Honiara: “I have my shirt on. What do you think? Looks OK?”

A choir and traditional pan pipers in grass skirts with white body paint and beads entertained the royal couple at the feast.

Later in a speech to guests, William tried his hand at pidgin English. “Mifala barava Tagio tumas,” he said. “We thank you very, very much.”

William described their visit as a “great thrill” and added: “This land is the most beautiful place imaginable and the people of the Solomon Islands are amongst the most gracious and friendly we have ever met. The Queen told us this would be so, and as with so much else in her long reign, Her Majesty was absolutely right.”

Earlier, the couple were given a full military and traditional ceremonial welcome, including armed warriors in grass skirts, when they arrived at the former British protectorate by charter plane from Borneo. Their visit is the latest stage of a nine-day tour of south-east Asia and the South Pacific to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Marau Sound ready for the Royal couple

The Marau Sound people are well- prepare to receive the young royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton on Monday 17th of September 2012.

According to the Marau people they are honoured to host the royal couple.

Upon the arrival of Prince William and Kate at the Marau Airport, they will be greeted by traditional warriors. Then they will be transported to Marapa Island where there will be a showcase of Marau traditional activities.

The royal couple will be paddled in a traditional war canoe to the exotic Tanipupu Island where they will spend the night.

The Conflict Bay Lodge has arranged boat trip to cover that special event to those who are now booking their trips and spend their holidays purposely for that visit of the royal couple.

More than 100 international media personnel are in Honiara and some will travel to Marau Sound tommorrow.

Already many locals from the mountain villages and coastal areas of the Birao ward are already in Marau Sound area for the special visit tommorrow.