Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Conflict Bay Lodge connects to one of the World's leading websites

The Conflict Bay Lodge has joined the Trip Advisor, as of last week.

In a statement from the Managing Director, Mr. Elijah Maumamura, the Conflict Bay Lodge is exploring the new but exciting marketing channels like the Trip Advisor to make its presence felt among the others at the finger tips of the potential travelers who are planning their travels and holidays.

"Our arrangement with the Trip Advisor team is not only exciting, but also getting us closer to you (our future customers) in a way we can interact as you prepare yourselves to receive us and our products", he said. "But it is our happiness to help you on what we are offering here and giving you right information before you actually come to us".

He also encouraged the lodge's past guests to keep in touch through this exciting communication platform, which the people at the lodge can share with their friends they came across through your travels to the place they call home.

The review of the Conflict Bay Lodge is available to our friendly guests in the past who would like to share with us your experiences and what you want us to develop on to meet your happy experience.

To the direct bookings from the Trip Advisor will come into the market, as soon as our arrangement with the Trip Advisor team is completed on its business listing.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tuamoto: Marketing biggest problem here

The biggest problem and hindrance in expanding the tourism industry in Solomon Islands is the lack of promotion and marketing of Solomon Island products on the international markets.

Solomon Island visitors bureau (SIVB) chief executive officer (CEO) Josefa Tuamoto revealed this in an interview with this paper in Gizo on Tuesday.

“Solomon Island has a lot of resources and pleasurable sites that tourists would love to visit and spend time out.

“But the biggest problem why this country receives very low number of tourists coming here is the lack of promotions and marketing of this country’s products abroad,” Mr Tuamoto who is currently in the Western province said.

He said few other accommodations need to be improved while all accommodations are up to standard that can able to accommodate tourist.

“Most times we do internal markets which resulted this country receiving low number of tourists coming here every time.

“In order for us to get a good number of tourists coming into our country we need to market our products externally which means we must have to go onto Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United States and other Asian countries to market our products in order to get a high numbers of tourists coming into our country,” Mr Tuamoto said.

He said the little influx of tourists in the country had discouraged many operators to pursue tourism industry.

“SIVB is taking a step to change to try and market our products abroad.

“Now SIVB is working on a best possible strategy to ensure we could able to market out our products abroad.

“Soon some travel writers will come here to do more writings about our products and also we will bring some associations here to go and market our products in Australia, New Zealand, USA and very soon Asia,” he said.

Mr Tuamoto said many people did not know about Solomon Island though they are from our neighboring Australia and New Zealand.

“Some people in New Zealand and Australian does not know about Solomon Island because of lack of promotions and marketing externally.

“Therefore SIVB is working closely with the associations and other international travel agents to help and market this country abroad,” he said.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Solomon Islands and national airline partner to promote tourism

In what represents one of his major activities since taking over the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) helm in January, CEO Josefa Tuamoto has signed an agreement with its national airline which fully underlines the commitment and vision both parties share in promoting and developing tourism for the Solomon Islands.

The SIVB and Solomon Airlines have formalized a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at boosting the destination’s overseas profile and increasing international visitation numbers. Under the agreement both parties will jointly explore and implement activities to promote increased tourist traffic to the Solomon Islands in its existing mature source markets and also other markets seen as offering strong potential to the destination.

The partnership will include the airline providing assistance with airfares allowing the SIVB to participate in overseas travel shows and other promotional opportunities as well as supporting activities taking place within the Solomon Islands.

“The signing of the MOU is very timely,” Mr. Tuamoto said.

“Together we can join resources and implement the changes we see as necessary to transform the perceptions with which the Solomon Islands are held on the international stage and accordingly, lift tourism to the benefit of everyone involved.

“A key component of our overall blueprint for the future of Solomon Islands tourism is to see the tourism sector become the prime source of our country’s foreign exchange earnings within the next 10 years.

“This agreement places us all on the same page and will play a major role in helping us to achieve our common objectives.”

Solomon Airlines CEO, Ron Sumsum said the MOU represented a new horizon for the airline.

“This agreement represents a major milestone in our country’s tourism fortunes, it paves the way for a closer relationship with Mr. Tuamoto and his SIVB team and will have a productive effect on the spending of our joint funds promoting the country overseas,” he said.

“We are excited to be able to play a key role in helping to grow the prospects of the local tourism industry and its international partners and extremely pleased to be working hand in glove and sharing resources with our national tourist office counterparts.

“This MOU, following as it does on the recent appointment of Mr. Tuamoto and our new Sydney-based Australia, New Zealand & Asia Regional General Manager, Victor Sharan, bodes well for the future of Solomon Islands tourism.”

Source: Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau