Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Festival of Pacific Arts fever

The Festival of the Pacific Arts 2012, in Honiara is just few days away. The festive mood is growing day by day as Solomon Islanders are greeting the visiting participants from the region and side line visitors around the world.

Honiara as one of the hot spots for the Festival of the Pacific Arts (FOPA) 2012, is flocked with both locals and outside visitors.

In a film statement, the Chairlady of the FOPA organizing committee Ms Doreen Kuper said she is hoping the outside visitors will be staying longer and visit the satelite venues apart from Honiara.

"The Solomons is not just Honiara. So, we have other venues just as exciting and beautiful. So I hope you will take time and go up there and to stay there", said Kuper.

She also highlighted there is no point to come long way and spend huge money for only few days.

And she highlighted that the Solomon Islands is prepare to receive their guests for the festival to showcase their unique cultures and places.

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