Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Conflict Bay Lodge now on Face Book

The rise of various social media in the developing countries has taken a huge change in the way people communicate. Various social media websites have been used daily- one of them is Face Book.
The Conflict Bay Lodge is no exception. It created a new Face Book page with the name of the lodge; Conflict Bay Lodge.
"It's our happiness to be part of the global society connected by Face Book. We want to chat and discuss with our found friends- those who spent their happy times with us at Conflict Bay Lodge, Marau Sound", said Mr. Niniu Oligao, the Conflict Bay Lodge Marketing Manager.

He said that Face Book page welcomes those who once there and would like to share their memorable moments with others.

It is the Conflict Bay Lodge's way of say thank you to those who had confidence in the the lodge and spent their times in Marau Sound. It is also our gateway to explore more about each other, as we share through stories, chats, and photographs.
You can submit your Face Book request now to the administrator of the Conflict Bay Lodge Face Book group.