Prepare for happiness

 Most travellers believe that one of the most exciting aspects of making a special journey is the preparation. It is equally important for you, our guests, to know what to expect on your adventure, so that your stay is as enjoyable as possible, and there are no surprises!
This part of the website aims to provide you with useful information to ensure you have the most enjoyable time with us.
Pack up
What to pack for your holiday are your casual clothes; Polo shirts or T shirts and shorts are ideal for everyday wear in the tropical Marau climate, accompanied by sandals or shoes for trekking and village visits.
Do not forget to bring your swimsuit to swim or snorkel and discover the underwater world beauty of the Marau Sound.
Malaria is a common disease most visitors are afraid of in a tropical country like the Solomon Islands. Though the lodge provides the bed nets, it is advisable to bring repellent.
Picturesque scenery of the Marau Sound is among many things that will create fond memory of your happy time with us. It is not a bad idea to bring your camera and capture every moment of your experience, not only of the natural beauty. But also of the happy children and people you will meet.

Since our location is in the rural area, it is advisable you can bring cash for your personal purchases- if you want to pay your accommodation at the lodge, do also bring your cash.
Conflict Bay is blessed with white beaches and fringing coconut palms. The lodge has a beachfront, which our guests usually take their morning and evening walks to watch the panaromic Marau Sound.

Eastern most tip and south ward side of Guadalcanal, there are recommended white beaches which are also owned by the communities. Our guests can still access to them for walks, photographing, and sightseeing.

New Marau Sound Trail
A new eight kilometres trail is operated by youths of the landowning tribe in Marau Sound (Hatare area). And it has partnership with the Conflict Bay Lodge on packaging and promotions.

The rail is going through primary rainforests, which are homes to native plants, birds, and hosting some cultural significant sites which worth interpretational trips.

But don't forget your camera to snap some of the beautiful living things and sceneries along the track. 

On your way to happiness

The Solomon Airlines, the national pride carrier,flies from Henderson International Airport to Marau Sound on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But we are happy to advise you to check the Solomon Airlines site, in case of flight changes.

To those in the Australian cities. The Solomon Airlines flights to the Solomon Islands are now discuounted to the outside visitors. It is advisable to check with your nearest Solomon Airlines travel agents for the flight fares.

If you in Honiara, the Solomon Airlines office now opens seven days a week (Saturday and Sunday, half day).

You will be met by our staffs at your arrival and are more than happy to receive you as a new found friend.

The Conflict Bay Lodge is just three minutes walk from the Marau Airport.