Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New Marau Sound tourism association

A new tourism association has been formed over the weekend known as the Marau Sound tourism association.

This came after a delegation from the Solomon Island Visitors Bureau (SIVB) visited the area over the weekend.
The association was formed on Saturday after a meeting with SIVB.

SIVB was excused when the election took place.

And SIVB chief executive officer (CEO) Josefa Tuamoto after learning about the news said the trip has achieved one of its objectives.

He said the bureau wants to see changes and the formation of the new association is one of its achievements.

He congratulated the Marau Sound tourism association and said SIVB will work closely with them to make sure this part of Guadalcanal is being developed and promoted.

“I congratulate and thank operators for the formation of the new association to push the industry forward.”

The new association has a chairman, secretary, treasurer and other members.


Solomon Star, 31st March 2014

Operators learn difference about SIVB, ministry

LOCAL tourism operators in Marau, east Guadalcanal on Saturday learn about the different functions Solomon Island Visitors Bureau (SIVB) and ministry of culture and tourism and the role they played in the tourism industry in Solomon Islands.

SIVB board of director Andrew Nihopara explained the difference of these two organisations after operators asked about it.

Mr Nihopara who spoke on behalf of SIVB chairman Moses Tepai said SIVB has different roles from the ministry.

“You must understand SIVB is the marketing arm of government and ministry’s role is to provide finance and training.

“Therefore you must understand the roles these two organizations have played to ensure that you are on the right road,” Mr Nihopara said.

He said most people have been confused about SIVB and the ministry.

“SIVB comes under the ministry of tourism but plays a different role which marketing and ministry is provides finance and trainings.”

He told operators that if they want funding they can go to the ministry or visit their member of parliament.

Many operators who attended the meeting thanked SIVB for explaining the difference.

“For many years we are living in the darkness and now we understand the roles and functions of these two organizations.”

Following the meeting they urged the ministry to visit them and explain how the tourism funds have been distributed to operators.

Meanwhile SIVB will be doing a monthly tourism page promotion in the Solomon Star soon.

Any operators who wants to promote his or her tourism business can contact SIVB marketing manager Freda Unusi for more information.


Solomon Star issue, March 31st 2014.

Tuamoto highlights Marau’s tourism potentials

Solomon Island Visitors Bureau (SIVB) chief executive officer (CEO) Josefa Tuamoto says Marau Sound is a tourism potential region in the country.

The only thing they need to and get the industry going is working in partnership.
Mr Tuamoto highlighted this during a meeting organized by SIVB for all tourism operators in Marau Sound on Saturday.

The meeting was held at the Marau Sound Airport Hall on.

About 50 tourism operators got together for the meeting.

Mr Tuamoto told the operators that Marau has beautiful people, beaches, sea and place to convert into tourism.

“What all of you need to understand here is that tourism is everybodies’ business not only for marine protected area (MPA),” Mr Tuamoto said.

The former Fiji visitors bureau CEO said Marau have all the existing infrastructures that a tourism industry needs like communication, airport and wharf.

Mr Tuamoto also highlighted the connection between protecting the marine area and using them for snorkelling and diving.

He encouraged the operators and the people to protect their marine areas.

The SIVB high level delegation returns to Honiara this morning.


Solomon Star