Experience happiness

Set along a beautiful white sand beach of the Conflict Bay, Marau Sound, the Conflict Bay Lodge has a stunning view of the sea with many uninhabited white sand islands. Designed with a blend of the Solomon Islands architectural design, Conflict Bay Lodge is a truly Marau Sound home for you.
It offers two rooms with six beds, which beds are rated individually at NZ $98, plus 3 meals. Natural ventilation is something you can find exciting about the rooms.
Due to the increase demand for beds; two new rooms will soon be completed and available in the market.
With exceptional service and basic facilities, this is a perfect place for those who want to explore and enjoying meeting the local people who are happy to share their culture with their new or return friends.
Daily room cleanup service is done by our staff.
Because a traditional Solomon Islands village did not have many visitors, each guest was treated as a special event.  That tradition extends today, and Marau people are continuously eager to extend a wm welcome to each and every visitor, devoting their time and energy to the happiness and comfort of their guests.

Our staffs are proud of wearing the Conflict Bay Lodge uniform, the symbol of a happy Marau experience!

The nature of our rural setting far from restaurants and cafes, the three meals are inclusive into the room rate. Breakfasts are appropriate with meals of organic foods and fresh sea foods provided to the lodge by villagers.
Caring for the health of our guests is our priority. Bottled water or filtered water can be available to our guests as part of the meals and when doing outdoor activities.
Living in a digital age, the Conflict Bay Lodge has seen the need to adapt to the changing world of travelling. You may be one of the flash packers that need your mobile phone, laptop, and other small electronic appliances charged. The lodge offers our guests free electrical usages from its newly funded 135 solar powered system (which also generates freezer for the lodge).
For convenience during wet session and night entertainments, there is a standby generator to supply power.
If you want to call home, the Solomon Telekom mobile service is available. All you need to do is purchase a top up credit from any village Telekom service dealer. You can ask your host at the Lodge to assist you get your call home.

Your security is a priority of our operation. There is a 24 hours security on the compound. If you leave for outdoor activities, your valuables can be kept with the staff on duty. Otherwise, you are free to leave and we will care for you and your items in the rooms.

Marau mountain trail
Soon to operate is a new mountain trail overlooking the Marau Sound and Guadalcanal's Weather coast. It will be 8 kilometres, with three lookouts to give the visitors opportunity to enjoy Marau  Sound from above.

The young energetic people who will manage that trail (as young entrepreneurs) are happy to take the guests along one of the unspoilt natural environments on Guadalcanal. A lot of amazing things to see- unique native flora and fauna, and the fun the trips will give, as the new found friends explore the natural beauty of Marau land, the diversity they have.

The new mountain trail is an initiative of the local youths by creating linkage with the Conflict Bay Lodge.

Three Island Tours packages
Kosa Happy tour
It is a day half day tour to Kosa island.

Happy tour on Kosa Island.
You can:
  •  snorkel the clean water and reef around Kosa.
  • watch orchids
  • relax on the beach under the tropical sun
If you bring your camera, it is a perfect place to capture your happy memories on white sand beach, and your hosts are always happy to pose with you to show their appreciaiton of your time with them in Marau Sound.
Lunch will be served at the Conflict Bay Lodge.
Package price: NZ $115
Kosa & Whale Island tour
 This package covers Kosa island and the Whale Island. The first stop of the trip will be at the Whale island.
Guests can do snorkeling, walking around the white sand island.
The Whale Island is pictureque for photographers, and the general visitors can be taken away by its beauty.  Its vegetation captures a whale's image floating on the sea with the white sand beach as its splashing water.
Marau Sound's every day whale!
Before launch the tour can go across to Kosa Island for another  good time of snorkeling, swimming, and island excursion.
At Kosa island the launch will be served to the guests. Guests can enjoy take shade under the vegetation while enjoying their lunch in this tropical paradise.
After lunch another snorkeling and swimming trip before returning to the Conflict Bay Lodge.
Package price: NZ $124